Monday, August 3, 2009

Slacker I am!!

I need to send out a HUGE apology to all of you waiting (still) for a package from me!!! Unfortunately I have irritated an old back injury which is leaving me limited with my movements!! It's about all I can do to work during the day, and then sit in my stamp room with the ice pack on!! (Or lay in my bed!)

But, I am going to the chiropractor and have an appointment made with the massage therapist, too. It's just never been this bad before and sometimes I don't know when to stop and sit still! Very hard for me to do!

With all that being said, I anticipate your packages finally making it to the postal station by Wednesday or Thursday of this week. I will send an email to all of you when they go out!! Again, I am sooo sorry!!

Happy Stamping!!!!



Joann said...

I've been away on holidays and I just wanted to thank you for the package that you sent me, I suspect it was in my mailbox for awhile :). I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but soon I hope!Thanks again!

StampinCathy said...

Ann hope you start feeling better real soon. No problem here, just take your time. I just know it will be fun whenever it shows up. LOL

jguyeby said...

Take your time. I am in no hurry. Your back is more important. Besides if you wait, it will be like me getting a B'day present. A year ago my back really, really hurt and I finally went to a chriopractor and now I am pain free. My husband the same. They can work miracles without meds. Get Well. Your Stampin' Sis Jennifer