Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm Back!!

Hello everyone!!!

I am so sorry for being silent for the past few days, but my Internet decided to take a rest from me!! LOL!!! Really, it's not a laughing matter as I feel so cut off from the world if my Internet goes wonky like that!

And, I've had my precious grandson Cameron since last Wednesday!! He's a busy 3 year old that doesn't leave me much time for anything else! To all of you out there who are moms with young kids, or single moms, my hats off to you!!!!

With all of that being said, I have not forgotten about last week's GCA winners or this week's GCA!

For GCA10 there are two winners!! As I've said before I'm a sap and hate to chose if there is only 2! Brandy and Cathy claim the winning spot once again with there wonderful creations! You can see both of their cards here. I have cards/stamping goodies to send out to both of you!! I also discovered, buried under papers on my stamping table, items I thought had gone out last week!! So I have many "thick" envelopes to send out!!

Since it is already Tuesday, I am skipping GCA11 for this week and will post it on Sunday, October 5th! Maybe sooner if my grandson lets me!!

Happy Stamping!!!



StampinCathy said...

Wow I won!! Hope you have a great time with your grandson.

Anonymous said...

Just think of how much stamping you could do if you had half the energy of your grandson. Congrats to your winners. Jill (UDI)