Saturday, August 18, 2007

Discussion with Self!!

So I went to Denver last month for the SU! Annual Convention and the theme this year is Dream Big!! Not just dream, but dream those dreams that really are what you want to do! So I had a little discussion with myself trying to figure out what do I really want to do? My profession, or what actually pays the bills, is a Registered Nurse. In May 2006, I graduated from Michigan State University with my Master's degree in Nursing Education. I wanted this degree for a number of years and worked extremely hard to attain my goal. But you ask, what does this have to with dreaming big and stamping?

Well let me tell you!! Once I came back from convention I made some personal and professional choices which will impact my professional future and my stamping future. Due to a difficult working situation and issues I am not allowed to discuss, I am no longer employed at my recent job. Sounds like the end of the world huh? Not really. For one I have a very strong faith in my Lord that He will guide me through this and help to discover where I truly belong. What I really want to do is TEACH!! Nursing classes, actually, at the college/university level. I have been sending out resumes and applications and now I wait to see if I get called.

The second decision is to focus more intently on my SU! business and expand! I have now have one downline and another ready to sign!! I was recently promoted to supervisor and I really want to go to Hawaii in 2009! Really, really bad!! What I would like to do is teach nursing classes as an adjunct instructor and focus more on my business. This sounds like the best of both worlds to me. I pray this is the direction in which the Lord wants me to go in.

And the third, and final decision, is to go forward with my divorce. This is something which has been brewing for many months and just did not want to deal with it. Now I have decided I must deal with it. But those details I will not bore you with, and I will not publish, the sordid details.

Here are a couple of pics of convention. The one to the right is my friend/sideline, Marlene & I. We had a blast. I am so excited about next year as it will be SU!'s 20th Anniversary!!

The pic on the left is, from L - R; me; Mary, my upline; Marlene; and Brandi, a friend/sideline.

And the next pic is of me next to one of my cards!! I sent this card into SU! last year for one of the monthly WOW! art contests, and sadly I didn't win, but it did make it onto the convention board!! Boy was I shocked when I saw my card up there on the board!

So, after all is said and done, I have thoroughly chastised myself regarding the upkeep of my blog. I many great cards I have created and not posted for all to see. But you can check out my SCS gallery, link on the right side toolbar, and take a look for yourself. And since tomorrow is Sunday, that means Featured Stamper day!! I love this challenge. Along with the Sketch Challenge each Wednesday, these two are my favorite. So I will be posting my card CASE sometime tomorrow.
And thank you to the ladies who have left me comments regarding my cards. They are very much appreciated and helped to get me in gear!
Happy Stamping until next time!

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