Thursday, November 8, 2007

Santa's Workshop and I've Been Tagged!!

Hello my fellow stampers!! Wow, I didn't realize I hadn't posted in awhile! Sorry about that. What I have to show you today are the projects my guests made at my recent Santa's Workshop I held. I charged $15 for the class, and I really should have charged $20 or $25. The projects included:

*3 Christmas cards - everyone made 2 of each

*An altered mini book, jumbo paperclip bookmark and decorated pen

*3 3 x 3 gift cards - everyone made 2 of each design

*A decorated gift bag and tag

*Hanging coaster photo display

*Set of binder clip photo holders

The class was scheduled for 3 hours and everyone took the entire class time to make this projects!! But we were also laughing, talking and eating as we stamped!! I have a couple more of my customers who were unable to make it last Sunday and so I am doing a class for them this Saturday.

Now, on to the tagging!! Michelle S. of Wanna Stamp, tagged me on October 31st. Sorry Michelle I didn't notice sooner!

Ok, as I said before... Michelle tagged me, and I had to do the following:

1. Link to the person that tagged you. (*done!*)

2. Post 7 random/weird facts about yourself on your blog (can I really come up with 7?!).

3. Tag 7 people at the end and link to their blog.

4. Leave comments on each blog you tag so they know their tagged!!

My 7 random/wierd facts:

1. I recently turned 41, I have a 20 1/2 years ols son who graced me at an early age with a grandson who is now 2 1/2 (you do the math!!!) and I live with 4 cats!!!
2. My friends call me Annabanana or Annabelle! OR they call me "The Crazy Cat Lady"!!
3. I am newly single and loving !!!
4. I am renovating/remodeling my entire home RIGHT now and hope to be done by January!! Am I crazy or what????
5. I am a nurse professionally and obtained my master's in Nursing Education in 2006 and start work as a clinical instructor at a local community college in January.
6. I live in Michigan and can't stand the cold winter months!!
7. I've been on medical mission trips to San Cristobel, Guatemala.

Now for my 7 fellow bloggers to tag!! Aren't they in for a surprise!!

1. Fat Cat Stamper - Danielle's blog is filled with awesome and amazing designs and projects!!
2. INKspired Treasures - Connie is a fellow Technique Junkie and a design team member for TJ.
3. Just Give Me Stamps - Anyone who visits SCS on a regular basis knows just what a fabulous stamper and creator Laurie is! And she is currently a part of the Dirty Dozen!!
4. Kimm's Daily Grace - Kimm is a wonderful stamper and also a fellow Technique Junkie!! Her blog is full of beautiful creations!
5. kwernerdesign - Kristina has an amazing and delightfully simple approach to her card designs!! You'll love it!
6. Stamping Therapy - This is the blog by Jen70 from SCS. She does the Limited Supplies challenge every Friday and has a Saturday challenge on her blog! She does the most adorable and darling cards.
7. The Crafty Cat - Michelle has a great style to her cards and she has become a good cyber friend of mine!!
Well, there's my 7 bloggers for everyone to check out! I hope I provided some new blogs for all of you to visit. Each wonderful lady I listed has an amazing talent and flair to her creations!

I'll have more cards and such for you soon, I promise!! I have two on my table right now that are just about done!

Take care and Happy Stamping!!!


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Michelle L. said...

Thanks for the tag and the sweet words Ann! And thanks for the adorable Halloween card. I loved it!